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"I was very impressed with Nicola's coaching and her down-to-earth yet soothing way of helping me come to grips with some difficult issues.  Nicola nevertheless managed to help me through them and I made progress that I never expected to make.  I recommend Nicola wholeheartedly and would work with her again."

Corinne, Brussels

"Kirsten is such an insightful, supportive and intuitive coach. I feel inspired and so much lighter after our sessions and have gained incredible relief in learning how to be kinder to myself.  I'd recommend Kirsten to anyone who feels stuck in some aspect of their life. She's certainly changed mine."

Jodie, Los Angeles

"Working with Nicola is definitely among the best investments I have made in my business and my personal life. I have made a number of positive changes, all to focus on what is important. I am now more productive and more content."

Michael, London

"Kirsten has changed my mindset for the future.  The results in each session were unbelievable, and she has helped me get to where I am today, feeling confident to lead others, manage meetings, and make a difference at work." 

Rebecca, Suffolk

Annika, Suffolk

"This is basically a thank you to Kirsten. She taught me skills to deal with my day to day negative thought patterns and has stopped my fears. I feel so much better. I recommend Kirsten to anyone."   

Peter, London

"Working with Nicola has completely changed my life.  I have gone from a life-time of low confidence and internalising everything to feeling as though I can conquer the world.  Amazing."

Kirstine, Suffolk

"Kirsten has the wonderful ability to be able to reach in and intuitively pick the right approach for each session. Six months later, and I am still reaping the benefits of Kirsten's wonderful techniques, and seeing a new future unfold as a result.  Powerful stuff.  And a joy to work with!"

Martina, London

"Working with Nicola is truly transformative. She has quickly established balance, control and clarity back into my life, and I have tackled lack of clarity on how to achieve a major transition in my career, counteract burnout, find time to reintroduce the things that really matter to me and better deal with chronic pain."

"Many of the concepts were new to me, but were so clearly explained and demonstrated that I grasped them immediately.  Thank you!"

Workshop feedback

"After only an hour's session, I feel renewed energy and focus - amazing!"


Workshop feedback

"I wish the session had been longer.  Today's teaching went well beyond my expectations."

Workshop feedback

"Very practical and useful session.  Thank you.  Your passion was palpable."


Workshop feedback